Design product packaging to attract the consumer

Marketing is a tricky business. You may have an incredible product, but sales aren’t doing as well as you hoped. Sometimes, a product will speak for itself, but in most cases, it needs a little extra something to catch the consumer’s eye. A good marketing campaign is always a good start. But, what happens when a potential consumer gets to the supermarket and starts browsing the shelves? Does your product stand out? Will they remember the commercial they watched two days ago, or will the displays on the shelf influence their decision? It all comes down to your product packaging – the final piece of promotion. Have you dressed your product in its Sunday best?

7 tips for attractive product packaging

It’s true. Whether we realise it or not, it’s almost impossible not to judge a book by its cover. A first impression can have a lasting effect. As a business, you could invest thousands into your advertising campaign, but it will be a waste if your product has no shelf appeal. For this reason, you shouldn’t neglect your product packaging. It’s an integral part of promoting and housing your goods. Luckily, there are some ways you can ensure your product attracts consumers in store. Follow these seven tips for product packaging that pulls in the crowds:

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Clear and simple

Clarity. This first one should be at the top of your list. If a consumer can’t identify what a product is, or the brand behind it within the first couple of seconds, they’ll move on to the next item. Being different is all good and well, but if your packaging obscures the contents within, it won’t translate to increased sales. Always makes sure your product packaging and label design give the customer all the information they need to know, as clearly as possible. If you’re selling cleaning products, but packaged them like sports drinks, you aren’t delivering on clarity.


An honest representation

While we all want to show off our product with the best representation possible, the picture on the box needs to resemble the item inside. No one wants to feel misled after unpackaging their purchase. Of course, you can give your product a facelift. But don’t make it unrecognisable. You also need to be transparent with the wording on your label. Be clear and honest in your descriptions, particularly with edibles.


Be authentic

Memorable product packaging is all in the design. On the shelf, surrounded by a sea of identical products, you want yours to stand out. Consumers are fickle. They’re going to pick up the bottle of detergent that looks the most appealing. The one that jumps out at them as they browse the labels. You need to set your brand apart with original packaging and innovative labelling. Be authentic, be bold, be creative – but don’t forget to be clear. (Read these tips for designing eye-catching labels.)


Practical product packaging

When designing your striking product packaging, don’t forget about practicality. If your packaging looks fantastic but lacks in functionality, it’s not going to boost sales. When designing your containers, think about how the consumer will be using the product. A design that’s highly functional and increases user engagement is already a step ahead of the rest.


Does it have shelf impact?

Don’t forget to consider your product in bulk. When a shopper is browsing the shelves, they never see a single item, always a group. When designing your product packaging, you need to create an enticing visual that works in a group as well as alone. The pattern of your product on the shelf needs to be distinctive. Test your design to make sure it pops from a distance and doesn’t get lost in the crowd.


Think about product ranges

Furthermore, don’t forget to plan ahead when designing your product packaging. Create a visual that’s easy to adapt as the product range evolves and grows. While your brand may begin with orange juice, it could expand to include more fruits down the line. You’ll need a design that’s easy to change without losing the identity of the brand.  


A great label (and label printer)

Lastly, don’t forget about the label. Product packaging and labelling go hand in hand. If the label doesn’t sit well on the packaging, it’s going to detract from the overall appearance of your product. Familiarise yourself with the different options available and choose the most suitable. One substrate might suit a self-adhesive label, while another requires a shrink-sleeve (read more about the benefits of shrink-sleeve labelling). It all depends on the packaging. A quality label printer (like First Impression Labels) will be able to help you make the best choice.

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