Product packaging design to boost your health brand’s sales

Health is trending! Consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat, and are on the lookout for superfoods, natural ingredients and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. What’s more, is the smoothie culture has taken off – you can now find powdered superfoods in most markets, and everyone seems to own a blender or juicer. This is great news for health brands, as long as they remain relevant in the market. With so many brands to choose from, health-conscious consumers are spoilt for choice! So how do you attract these consumers to your specific health product? Simple. With an original, eye-catching product packaging design that jumps out at them when they are scanning the aisles. The first step to better packaging for your health brand? Identifying what health-conscious consumers are looking for. Let’s explore this, and get your products not just noticed, but flying off the shelves!

4 product packaging design tips for your health brand

1. Keep it green, white and brown

The packaging is the first impression a consumer has of a product, with colour being the primary influencer of the purchasing decision. Different colours create different expectations. Green, white and brown packaging suggests the product is healthy – something that marketers should keep in mind when designing their product packaging.


Green: Fresh, healthy, natural and organic – consumers assume these attributes when they see the colour green on packaging. Green packaging also suggests the product is vegetarian and environmentally friendly.


product packaging designWhite: The presence of white on packaging sends a message of freshness, cleanliness, purity and simplicity. It is commonly used in dairy product packaging design, where freshness is a necessity! 


Brown: Earthy and natural-looking, brown packaging brings about feelings of safety and comfort. Brown packaging makes a consumer think a product is wholesome, raw and organic. And when made of a natural material that is already brown, the packaging has even more health associations.

2. Make it vertical 

Product shape also subconsciously influences consumer behaviour. Surprising, right? Packaging that mimics a healthy body shape is better perceived by health-conscious consumers. So when marketing a health product, it’s important to keep the package smaller and thinner, with a vertical orientation. 

3. Give it simple design features

When planning your product packaging design, keep in mind that white backgrounds give a clean impression. And the use of opaque, non-shining materials sends a message of rawness and naturalness. 

When it comes to logo design for health brands, simple and minimalistic is the best approach. Keep the logotype original and abstract for an authentic feel. Logos like this subtly suggest to consumers that the brand does what it says, and says what it does. It is honest and real, and no push marketing tactics are being used.

4. Make sure communication is honest and clear

An important part of health product packaging design is transparency. Figuratively and literally. Listing benefits on the back of a product and not forcing them onto the front of the packaging design gives an impression of honesty. Some brands push health messaging on the front of their products as a clear marketing tactic, which can create consumer doubt and distrust. In terms of literal transparency, a package design that has a clear plastic section showing consumers what’s inside will develop the further trust of a brand.

Is your product packaging design sending a message of health? 

Consumers subconsciously know what they are looking for, even when they think they are only browsing. When it comes to health-conscious consumers, it’s important to catch their eye with product packaging that reflects their values back to them – health and physical wellbeing. Is your product packaging design sending a message of healthfulness? Get in touch with us so we can chat about printing new packaging for your health brand.