Printing process: Cold foil printing

A product’s merit is not its only selling point. Consumers browsing the shelves are susceptible to appealing labels and packaging. A product that jumps off the shelf, catching the consumer’s eye, is going to be given higher consideration than the one next to it – especially with first-time purchasers. Striking packaging can be your greatest asset. The use of cold foil printing is one of the ways your product’s packaging can stand out from the crowd.


What is cold foil printing?

Cold foil printing is a process used to print a metallic foil onto a surface using a UV-curable adhesive. First, the UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate in the same shape as the design. A standard printing plate is then used to press the foil and adhesive together. The foil is stripped away from any areas where no glue was present, leaving only the design. Finally, an ultraviolet light dries the adhesive. The foil is usually silver but any colour option is possible.


The benefits of foil printing:

High visibility: Glossy metallics provide a distinctive, high visual impact. Eye-catching designs are vital for drawing potential consumers in. Cold foiling creates labels and packaging that is luxurious and decorative.

Perceived value: The perception of foil stamping is that it’s expensive. Consumers associate the use of metallics with premium, high-quality products. Gold, silver, and bronze, in particular, imply opulence and excellence. Consumers’ perceptions are influenced by labels and packaging. A product with high-quality packaging is going to be considered more valuable than the one next to it – leading to higher sales.  

Colour range: Cold foil printing offers a wide colour range. The colour is printed over the foil as a stain, allowing an infinite possibility of colours, and can be applied as a gradient.

Budget-friendly: Cold foiling is a cost-effective alternative to hot foil stamping. Production is quicker, as no tools or dyes need to be made beforehand. Cold foil printing is suitable for both short and long runs. It is suitable for heat sensitive surfaces and is environmentally friendly.


Cold foil to counteract counterfeiters

Cold foil printing is not limited to decorative use. It is also used to print holograms. Holograms are a valuable measure against counterfeiting. They can be easily validated and are hard to reproduce with 100% accuracy, helping to distinguish original brands. Anti-counterfeiting holograms are popular with food products, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods.  

A glossy, shiny label is eye-catching. Cold foil printing offers an affordable answer to luxurious-looking labels. Do you want stand-out label solutions for your products? Come to First Impression Labels. We have all your labelling needs covered. Contact us for a quote.