Packaging trends

Packaging tip: Consider your selling points.
When selecting your packaging, your product market should be carefully considered. Will you be selling your products online or will they be stocked in shelves in local stores? If your business aims to ship products directly to consumers, you might not need fancy packaging. However, if your products are going to sit on store shelves, selecting a visually appealing product packaging would be your best option. #packaging #packagingtip #productpackaging


Packaging tip: think of the future.
Look at the broader sense of your product and imagine what the future could hold. All product packaging design should allow for an easy introduction of a new line extension (product variation) or a sub-brand to your customers. You should also consider how fashionable your design style will be in the years to come. #packaging #packagingtip #productpackaging


Packaging tip: Know your audience.
Knowing your target audience will give you an idea about the kind of packaging your product should have. A lot of factors will determine the final item, such as gender, age group, income etc. #packaging #packagingtip #productpackaging


Packaging tip: Keep your typography clear.
With the busy lives of consumers today, they tend to only spend a few seconds looking at any product. If they find the typography to be illegible, the chances of them taking the time to figure out what it means is less. Legible and concise lettering is always preferred. Remember to ensure that the colour of the font is compatible with the overall look of the packaging. #packaging #packagingtip #productpackaging