Packaging strategies to attract men or women to your product

There is a real art to creating good packaging. Not only does the package need to be visually appealing and attract the consumer to the product, but it needs to be visually appealing to the right audience, and attract the right consumer to the product. This is where packaging strategies come in – a well-designed package will reflect insight into and understanding of its target market. In most cases, the first tier marketers consider when narrowing down the target market is whether their audience is male or female. And believe it or not, this hugely affects the end result when it comes to packaging design.

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Packaging strategies for men

Paint the town black

Men like symbols of strength and power. And black delivers on both. It’s all the colours in one – no colour is more consuming and intoxicating. So it’s safe to say that black will give your packaging design a kick in the masculine direction. 

Where the wild things are

It’s said that men are wild at heart. And they enjoy little reminders of that fact, like seeing natural and prehistoric-looking imagery on their products. Another common theme men seem drawn to is danger – it’s not uncommon to see products for men featuring imagery of teeth, tears, claw marks and weaponry.

If he can’t fix it, no one can

Did someone call for Mr Fix It? It may be a stereotype, but men on the whole sure do like making things with their hands. So it’s no wonder why men love products made of sturdy, repurposable materials. When designing product packaging for men, keep to wooden crates and metal tins where possible – men will go crazy for your packaging if they can use it somehow in their garage projects.

Packaging strategies for women

Out with the pink, in with the blue

Despite what many assume, women do not only feel an affinity towards the colour pink. In fact, studies have shown that women prefer blue and red. So before you ‘Barbie-up’ your packaging design, consider colours that might be more appropriate for your product, and better received by women. 

Curves in all the right places

Yes, it’s true, women are all about the curves. When it comes to product packaging, that is. Women tend to prefer products that are easy-to-hold and functional, as well as aesthetic in appearance. So basically, if she can grab it and go, she’s more likely to take your product off the shelf.

Leave the ‘man-splaining’ to the men

Women like clear text on packaging that gives them the product benefits in as few words as possible. When a woman looks at your product, she wants to see ‘benefit, benefit, benefit!’ Women generally aren’t interested in how the product works, so leave the explanations off the box. (Unlike women, men love a good DIY tutorial, so you can keep the explanations when targeting men.)

Got any new packaging strategies you’d like to execute?

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