Packaging ideas to boost your sales in the festive season

While all the malls are playing festive carols and the walkways are decorated with Christmas trees, some of the bigger brands are adding a touch of fun to their branding, too. Many of the smaller businesses hesitate to follow, especially when they consider the costs associated with designing and creating new decorative packaging ideas. So, if it is just another big expense to reckon in, why are the leading brands doing it? Is it purely for the sake of festivities?


No. It is a wise business move! Christmas-time is potentially the most lucrative season. Not only are people purchasing gifts, but they’re also fixing up their homes in preparation of visitors, they’re spending to entertain the children, and they’re indulging in a few well-earned luxuries. Adding festive icons to your packaging appeals to the Christmas spenders, so in effect, it is an investment which should yield better December profits.


Use creative packaging ideas to increase December’s revenue

By adapting the packaging ideas of a few of your most popular products, you could join the brands that are seeing the rewards of the season’s spending. It doesn’t require a whole new product range, simply add a few festive touches to your existing packaging ideas. This effort will have two effects on consumers:


  1. Your brand will align itself with the festive spirit. Consumers want to know you understand them, they want to feel heard. For this reason, joining the excitement will align your brand with the excitement experienced by your consumers.


  1. It helps to spell out to consumers how they can use your product. Much like a famous flour company providing recipes to buyers, demonstrating to people how to use your product will help to sell it. Is your product “giftable”? Demonstrate to buyers how easy gifting becomes amid the stress of the holiday season – when they purchase your product. Explain how your product fits into their holiday plans.


Here are some of the great festive touches used by the big and successful brands to boost festive cheer and increase their sales in the Christmas season.

Packaging ideas with a handmade touch

These little packs just resonate with that homemade speciality authenticity. Because it’s fairly neutral colour-wise, a touch of festive green and red adds a happy splash of colour that’s subtle but unmistakably festive.

packaging ideas

Lindt’s packaging ideas resonate with festive fun

We all know and love Lindt for their extraordinary chocolate. An established brand like this earns its success by marketing to emotions. Chocolate is the go-to for gifting, both for close loved ones and those we are still getting to know. They get festive with classy Christmas iconography done in silhouette-style as a backdrop.

packaging ideas

Coca-cola is always a trendsetter with their packaging ideas

Coca-cola – possibly the best brand to take marketing advice from. Their advertising tactics are aggressive, as we can see in this festive edition. They’ve cleverly opted out of promoting their product, instead, their packaging ideas align the brand with the most commonly experienced annoyances modern life offers us during the festive season.

packaging ideas


Burger King gets festive

Burger King is another big name we all know. They adapted the takeaway brown bags given to their patrons to align with the joy of the festive season. Take note that they make no reference to Christmas specifically, again drawing on an emotional response. They know their patrons enjoy a little indulgence, so they appeal to that child-like excitement that we associate with Christmas – gifts! Very clever indeed, their design is inexpensive but highly effective.

packaging ideas

M&M’s – because green and red are in at Christmas time

M&M’s distinguish themselves as the candy of the season. Sure, there are shelves upon shelves of milk chocolate covered peanuts/shortbreads – but these guys just seem to understand the need for something truly festive. They created packaged M&M’s in the Christmas colours only – red and green – it’s fantastic! They’re clearly in the same mind-frame as their consumers, which they have communicated in their packaging ideas. They slightly adapted their products, which is exactly where you need to be to make a good profit!

packaging ideas

Kleenex makes a statement with their festive packaging ideas

Kleenex – so iconic many people refer to tissues as Kleenex. They hired a professional to design some festive packaging ideas for them that are appropriate for Christmas – and the designer didn’t disappoint. The image here is the original handmade artwork, which they printed into cartons. They demonstrate how a simple touch can change someone’s purchase choice. These boxes are far more decorative to have in the home than the regular tissue boxes.

packaging ideas

Incorporating the packaging ideas used by big brands will get you ahead

Each of the above examples demonstrates how to set your brand apart during the festive season without altering your product range or forking out a fortune – simply add a few popular icons to your labels. If you’re considering a change, we’re here to help, simply get in touch with us, we’re here to assist!