Labels that are all the rage: 2020 trends

2020 has arrived, and has brought with it some exciting new trends for the labelling industry. Not only are brands looking to sustainable initiatives for labelling inspiration, but are also keeping the consumer experience in mind when planning their label designs. Keen to include some 2020 trends in your labelling strategy? We hope so, cause we’re about to drop trend knowledge like it’s hot. (And it is!)

2020 trends for the labelling industry: Our top 5 favourites

1. Biodegradable label materials

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Yes, biodegradable sustainable materials are hot and happening on the labelling trend scene. And in our list of 2020 trends for the labelling industry, it’s probably the hottest. Why? Because consumers are environmentally aware, perhaps more so than ever before. And so they are constantly on the lookout for brands that support sustainability initiatives and make eco-friendly packaging choices. So when re-strategizing your packaging for 2020, choosing plastic-free, biodegradable alternatives for your product label is the way to go. Read more about environmentally-friendly packaging

2020 trends

2. Minimalist design

Minimalism was trending in 2019, and this has continued into 2020. Simple, yet creatively executed label designs displaying minimal information are really proving less is more – consumers today respond better to imagery and aesthetics on packaging as opposed to detail and wordiness. 

2020 trends

3. Smart labels

Digitization has taken off in the label and packaging arena. And why not? It’s 2020, after all. Consumers can now use their smartphones to scan QR labels (augmented reality), taking them online to learn more about the brand – its eco-friendly practices, ingredients used, additional products in the rage, etc. This fosters repeat sales and brand loyalty. Not to mention plays into the minimalist design trend. (A double threat!) 

2020 trends

4. Edible labels

Expanding on the biodegradable trend, edible labels are becoming increasingly popular in food products, like baked goods and fresh produce. ‘Stamping’ or baking a label straight onto the food product means less plastic, and more eyes on your unique-looking, eco-friendly product. This is an effective way to let consumers know that your brand cares about sustainability, so much so that you’ve taken packaging right out of the equation.  

2020 trends

5. Customised labels

A mass-market appeal actually has less appeal in this day and age. Brands today are all about being unique so as to appeal to a specific audience, and are increasingly opting for customised label designs that distinguish them from their competitors. So as you can imagine, retro and vintage design has taken off in recent years, and has a strong presence in our list of 2020 trends. Read more about vintage label design

2020 trends

2020 trends are hot. But your label design is hotter. 

Is your product the cool kid on the block? Or does it need a makeover of 20/20 proportions? Whichever it is, we can help you strategize and print all-new product packaging and labels that capitalise on 2020 trends for the labelling industry. Sound good? Get in touch with First Impression Labels.