Label and packaging design: Copywriting tips

Do you want eye-catching labels and product packaging? Well-designed packaging is an influential marketing tool. High shelf impact compels consumers to pick up your product, leading to potential sales. When we think of stand-out packaging, we think about colour and imagery. But, there’s another factor contributing to great labels – the copy. While the design may prompt the buyer to pick up your product, it’s the text that convinces them to place it in the trolley. Clever copy is the ultimate selling point. Catchy, persuasive, and intriguing – it’s the way you describe your product that captures the attention. Label and packaging design that combines striking visuals with captivating copy jumps off the shelf.

label and packaging design

How to write copy for label and packaging design

There’s more to a label than a pretty design. Each word from the headline to the description has to be carefully chosen to sell the product within. The shape and size of the packaging, as well as the actual product, will play a role in your word choice and length. Packaging doesn’t always leave much space for long descriptions, so it’s important to think about your text. Do you want to write convincing copy to boost your label and packaging design? Follow these copywriting tips:


Keep it short

Large blocks of text can be daunting and off-putting in any context. Consumers, in particular, don’t have time to sit reading essays crammed into a small label. If the information they are looking for is hard to read, they are likely to move on to the next product. Keep the copy on your label and packaging brief and to the point. Short, concise sentences that can be understood at a glance are quick and easy to grasp. Tell your consumer exactly what they want to know with as few words as possible. You want to capture their attention with punchy and informative text. Keep your words and sentences short for high impact.

Write for the customer

A product is designed with a target audience in mind. Your label and packaging design should speak directly to that audience. Write copy that’s relatable to the individual picking up the product. Use the text to set the scene and paint a picture. Convince the consumer of why they need this product in their life. Don’t forget to use language relevant to the buyer. If you’re speaking the consumer’s language, they will relate to the product. Leave the technical words out of the description.

It’s all in the headline

Along with the design, the headline is the first piece of text to catch the consumer’s eye. The headline is the introduction to your product. You want a compelling tagline to set your product apart from all the others. A headline needs to be short and snappy, an instant attention grabber. It needs to generate the desire to read further. Be sure to keep the rest of your text interesting and relevant. The headline sets the tone and the description seals the deal.

Consider each panel

Consider every angle of your label and packaging design. The front of the box needs to draw the buyer in. Highlight the benefits of the product and sell the need for it. The back of the box is for the features and finer details. Create desire to draw the customer in and then explain what it is. Remember, keep your text short. Think of your packaging as a mini billboard sitting on the shelf, ready to catch the attention of the next passerby.

Proofread your label and packaging design

Always proofread your copy. Spelling errors are embarrassing and costly. Once you’ve written the copy for your packaging, reread it again and again. Make sure more than one pair of eyes reads over everything to avoid small errors slipping through the cracks. Once the copy is ready and proofed it can go to the designer.


The best label and packaging design is a perfect balance between colour, imagery, and text. Once you’ve designed your eye-catching, cleverly worded labels, send them to First Impression Labels to be printed. Contact us for a quote.