It’s a brand new year: What are your new label resolutions?

It’s a brand new year. A time of refreshment and renewal. And speaking of renewal, what are your new label resolutions for 2020? Perhaps you’d like to convert to more sustainable materials? Or maybe you’d like to amp up your design with a vintage aesthetic? We’ve got plenty of ideas for you to explore and add to your list of goals for 2020. And to top them all off, we can make them come to life for you with our high-quality printing service.

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New label resolutions: Goals to work towards in 2020

1. Printing sustainable ‘green’ labels

Want to help the environment with your product packaging? If so, go green with your choice of sustainable materials. Biodegradability and sustainability are trending in the labelling industry this year, so consider changing your label to one made of renewable materials, like corn, sugar cane and bamboo, or reused materials, like recycled plastic. 

2. Using colour psychology in your design

Colour psychology has changed the face of marketing, revealing how different colours affect people’s moods and thoughts as they perceive them. It’s also now known that certain types of consumers are more likely to respond to certain colours than others. For example, children respond better to bold and colours, like bright red, blue and yellow. (Read more about brand packaging that appeals to kids.) 

3. Creating packaging that appeals to your target market

A more targeted approach to packaging strategies will ensure the right audience gets attracted to your product, increasing sales and conversions. Different age groups and male and female consumers have subconscious visual preferences and seek them out when browsing the shelves. For example, men prefer darker packaging with natural and prehistoric-looking imagery, like teeth and weaponry. And women prefer packaging in shades of blue that is easy to hold and functional. Understanding what your target market wants out of your product packaging can help you reach them better, ultimately leading to more conversions.  

4. Incorporating vintage aesthetic in your new label design

A hot trend for 2020, vintage label design is a sure-fire way to give your brand a unique and distinctive look. The more unique your label, the better! Consumers love the nostalgia and familiarity of vintage label design, as it reminds them of a simpler time – a welcomed departure from our increasingly modern loves.

5. Testing your new labels

If you include any of the previously mentioned goals in your new label design, including this one is a definite must! It’s important to test out your new label before it hits the shelves, to ensure it will be well received by your target market. We suggest running the following tests before mass printing your new label: Label colours, legibility, barcodes, durability, 5-year-old test. (Learn more about label testing.)  

Have you set your new label goals yet?

If our list of new label goals has got you feeling inspired, make them your New Year’s resolution. And when the time’s right, we’ll help you print out your brand new labels. Interested? Contact us and let’s chat.