Colour psychology and marketing – How to increase sales with colourful labels

Colour surrounds us. It can demand your attention or spark the most powerful and tangible memory thanks to its associative powers.

Even in nature, colour serves an important role, it communicates important information to us, we call this link ‘colour psychology’ because it’s an unconscious association between our brains and colours.

In our primal states, colour psychology tells us which fruits are best to harvest and alerts us to the presence of danger. It warns us not to touch or eat certain plants or creatures.

It’s interesting that the human eye is capable of identifying more shades of green than any other colour. A primal survival tactic for humans as a species. Our minds also associate green with safety, whereas red tells us to be cautious.

Colour psychology and sales – a primal hack


Either way, our ancient survival traits become lucrative marketing ideas when you bring them into the modern world. Understanding colour psychology is important, especially when it comes to packaging. The colours you choose to represent your brand will spark an unconscious reaction in your potential customers.

colour psychology

Pantone’s colours of the year

Speaking of modern-day marketing, Pantone has released the colours of the year for 2019. While it may be a trend, it’s important to follow. The colours of the year set the scene for its theme. Utilising the chosen colours will keep your products as trendy as a good profit margin. These are 2019’s hottest colour trends, and what message they will convey to shoppers about your product – in other words, what do the trendiest colours of 2019 do for your colour psychology marketing efforts?
colour psychology

  • PANTONE 17-1564
    Fiesta for a competitive edge on the shelves

    What a party! Fiesta is designed to make products jump off the shelf with that eye-catching colour party. Colour psychology tells us it’s fiesty and hot! Radiating energy and passion, it’s perfect for a brand that’s fiercely competitive. In the age of chronic fatigue and indecision, PANTONE 17-1564 injects a boost of inspiration.

colour psychology

  • PANTONE 19-4150
    Princess Blue for a majestic first impression

    Princess Blue is a striking and majestic royal colour. Deeply refreshing, it glistens and gleams. Great for products that wish to stand out and promote a sense of vibrancy, great health, and longevity. According to colour psychology, we typically associate those qualities with the colour green, but blue would add a refreshing twist that contrasts with the “norm”. It’s also the colour of intuition and deep thought, making it perfect if you’re wanting to convey peace, calm, and good decision-making.

colour psychology

  • PANTONE 13-0919
    Soybean gives shoppers’ busy minds an oasis of visual peacce

    Naturals are always in. They blend with any other colour, almost like a versatile backdrop. They’re also neat and sophisticated in an unassuming way – they still have that innocence. Soybean is a warm colour. In a fast-paced world fierce with competition, this colour is a quiet solace away from the overstimulating colours. Think Apple iProducts. It’s a break for the mind. Sometimes, even in advertising, less is more.

colour psychology

  • PANTONE 17-0542
    Pepper Stem to build trust in your brand

    Designed to awaken the hunger for nature, this zesty lime colour is all about new beginnings. It’s refreshing to the eyes. Colour psychology tells us this shade is effective at marketing anything related to health, longevity, and new beginnings. Green is also the colour for “go”, it holds an unconscious link to safety in our minds. If you are looking to build a reliable reputation or establish a new logo, green encourages shoppers to trust you.

colour psychology

  • PANTONE 13-0850
    Aspen Gold for an emotional appeal

    Aah the joys of yester-year…
    When I was young…
    In my day…

    Reminiscing is a natural part of being human. We look back fondly and remember happy days. Pantone 13-0850 (Aspen Gold) ties in with simpler times, happier days, and good memories. Remind shoppers of carefree days while you use the richness of the hue to instil the sensation of affluence. Humans naturally tie gold to wealth in our minds.

Colour psychology and marketing

What are your packaging and branding efforts doing for your sales? Colour psychology is one of those tricky areas that require careful consideration. Using deep and striking colours like red can work, but it needs a professional eye. Red can communicate danger, but it can also communicate power and authority. It’s all about how you use it.

Colour psychology has the potential to make or break your sales number at the end of the month. These Pantones are the colours of the year for good reason, so work one of two of them into your advertising and branding efforts.

If this has inspired you to relook at your labels, request a quote. Let’s make this happen and take your brand to new heights in 2019 – get in touch today.