Our new Screen label press: An investment in digital production

Here at First Impression Labels, we pride ourselves on our level of excellence. Every project we undertake is given the utmost attention – we invest in your brand. As one of South Africa’s leading printing companies, our clients and products are very important to us. We are continually improving our equipment to keep up with the growing demands. It’s important to us to provide your brand with the highest quality labels. That’s why we invest in the best equipment. In fact, we’ve recently added a new digital label press and finishing machine to our stable. A new label press and Read More »

Label and packaging design: Copywriting tips

Do you want eye-catching labels and product packaging? Well-designed packaging is an influential marketing tool. High shelf impact compels consumers to pick up your product, leading to potential sales. When we think of stand-out packaging, we think about colour and imagery. But, there’s another factor contributing to great labels – the copy. While the design may prompt the buyer to pick up your product, it’s the text that convinces them to place it in the trolley. Clever copy is the ultimate selling point. Catchy, persuasive, and intriguing – it’s the way you describe your product that captures the attention. Label Read More »

The benefits of choosing shrink sleeve labels

Labels are the silent ambassadors of your brand, the last line of marketing in the store. The right label can increase your sales by making your product look more appealing. Perfectly paired labels and packaging are eye-catching and persuasive. A versatile, attractive label option is the shrink sleeve. Shrink sleeve labels are flexible and durable, suitable for a wide range of products. What are shrink sleeve labels? A shrink sleeve is a label printed on a flexible film tube that is applied to a container using heat. Heat shrinks the film to fit the contours of the packaging giving a Read More »

Common mistakes to avoid when designing your product labels

Beautiful labels don’t happen overnight. The first step is to come up with a concept for your product labels. A designer will then bring your idea to life. The next step is where we come in – the printing. Printing companies, such as First Impression, can print custom designed labels. Label design can be an intricate business. Artwork needs to be prepared for printing before it’s sent to the printers. Errors in the layout of your artwork will prevent it going to print. We’ve put together some common mistakes to avoid when designing your product labels.   Artwork errors in Read More »

Printing process: Cold foil printing

A product’s merit is not its only selling point. Consumers browsing the shelves are susceptible to appealing labels and packaging. A product that jumps off the shelf, catching the consumer’s eye, is going to be given higher consideration than the one next to it – especially with first-time purchasers. Striking packaging can be your greatest asset. The use of cold foil printing is one of the ways your product’s packaging can stand out from the crowd.   What is cold foil printing? Cold foil printing is a process used to print a metallic foil onto a surface using a UV-curable Read More »

Flexographic vs digital printing

At First Impression Labels, we have all your label printing needs covered. We use both flexographic and digital printing methods. Whether you are looking for a large run of shrink sleeves or a quick batch of self-adhesive labels, we can print the perfect face for your brand. Are you still unsure which printing method is right for you? Here are the differences between flexographic and digital printing:   Flexographic printing   Flexographic printing uses plates, made of rubber or plastic, and cylinders coated with ink to transfer an image onto the printing surface. The substrate (material printed on) passes between Read More »

Tips for designing effective labels

Labels are an integral part of the marketing and branding process. Your product’s label is one of the key factors to drawing in potential customers. If your label doesn’t stand out or suit the packaging, customers are not going to give it a second glance. An effective label begins with the design process. Follow these simple tips to design product labels that turn heads:   It’s all in the design elements The things to keep in mind when designing your labels are the use of colour, type, and texture. All three of these elements can be used to your advantage Read More »

The importance of labeling in marketing

Labeling your products effectively plays a vital role in the development of your brand’s image within your target market. Failing to give thought to the design and effectiveness of your brand’s label could result in decreasing visibility and sales. The role of labeling Labeling is used for the packaging of your product and has quite a significant impact on consumers’ buying decisions. Labels help consumers differentiate between the products on the shelf and helps draw them towards a particular product. Eye-catching labeling will go a long way in marketing your product. The impact of labels One cannot underestimate the power Read More »

Labels: Different label types and how to use them

Choosing the right label for your company is more involved than simply designing a label and having it printed. You need to identify a few more needs your product has. For example, do you want your label to easily be removed from the packaging, or should it adhere firmly? Would your product benefit from a textured label, or is the sole purpose of the label simply to hold your brand name and information about the product? These are all important elements to include in your thinking about labels, and what kind of label will be best suited to your product. Read More »

Packaging trends

Packaging tip: Consider your selling points. When selecting your packaging, your product market should be carefully considered. Will you be selling your products online or will they be stocked in shelves in local stores? If your business aims to ship products directly to consumers, you might not need fancy packaging. However, if your products are going to sit on store shelves, selecting a visually appealing product packaging would be your best option. #packaging #packagingtip #productpackaging   Packaging tip: think of the future. Look at the broader sense of your product and imagine what the future could hold. All product packaging Read More »