Colour psychology and marketing – How to increase sales with colourful labels

Colour surrounds us. It can demand your attention or spark the most powerful and tangible memory thanks to its associative powers. Even in nature, colour serves an important role, it communicates important information to us, we call this link ‘colour psychology’ because it’s an unconscious association between our brains and colours. In our primal states, colour psychology tells us which fruits are best to harvest and alerts us to the presence of danger. It warns us not to touch or eat certain plants or creatures. It’s interesting that the human eye is capable of identifying more shades of green than Read More »

ftaSA Print Excellence Awards 2018

We are excited to announce the awards we won for this years ftaSA Print Excellence Awards 2018: 🥇 Gold for the Absolut. Khuli Chana label (Absolut) 🥇 Gold for Clover Super M Chocolate 1L label (Super M) 🥈 Silver for Go Nutz Gourmet Almond + Whey (Go Nutz) 🥈 Silver for BMS Smoked Vienna’s 🥉 Bronze for Lancewood Mixed Berry Yoghurt Lids (Lancewood Cheese)

Five questions to ask when choosing your label printer

A well designed, eye-catching label is one of your strongest selling points. It’s true. Consumers shop with their eyes. If it looks good on the outside, they are willing to bet the product within is superior to all the rest. You can never go wrong investing in your product packaging. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a professional label printer to bring your design to life. But how do you know which supplier is going to represent your brand as you envisioned? At First Impression Labels, we’re committed to producing the highest quality product and building Read More »

Is your label size spot on? How to determine your dimensions

The secret to a great label is the way it compliments the container. Product packaging and labels should fit together flawlessly to create a seamless overall appearance. But, there’s more to a perfect pairing than picking a suitable bottle and designing an eye-catching label. To ensure everything sits in the right spot, you need to determine the correct label size. Sounds easy, right? Taking measurements can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. One centimetre out of place and your label won’t fit. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you measure your label size accurately. Read More »

How to order custom labels you’ll love

Everyone knows the importance of a great product label. It’s the eye candy that draws the consumer in and sparks the initial interest. But distinctive packaging doesn’t happen overnight. From conceptualisation to product launch, there’s a process of production. It starts with the design of your product packaging (discover tips for attractive product packaging) and getting custom labels printed. This can be an overwhelming task, especially for first-timers. There are important decisions to make, such as choosing colours and shapes and finalising measurements. But, don’t feel daunted. We’ve got a few tools you can use to make ordering custom labels Read More »

Design product packaging to attract the consumer

Marketing is a tricky business. You may have an incredible product, but sales aren’t doing as well as you hoped. Sometimes, a product will speak for itself, but in most cases, it needs a little extra something to catch the consumer’s eye. A good marketing campaign is always a good start. But, what happens when a potential consumer gets to the supermarket and starts browsing the shelves? Does your product stand out? Will they remember the commercial they watched two days ago, or will the displays on the shelf influence their decision? It all comes down to your product packaging Read More »

Our new Screen label press: An investment in digital production

Here at First Impression Labels, we pride ourselves on our level of excellence. Every project we undertake is given the utmost attention – we invest in your brand. As one of South Africa’s leading printing companies, our clients and products are very important to us. We are continually improving our equipment to keep up with the growing demands. It’s important to us to provide your brand with the highest quality labels. That’s why we invest in the best equipment. In fact, we’ve recently added a new digital label press and finishing machine to our stable. A new label press and Read More »

Label and packaging design: Copywriting tips

Do you want eye-catching labels and product packaging? Well-designed packaging is an influential marketing tool. High shelf impact compels consumers to pick up your product, leading to potential sales. When we think of stand-out packaging, we think about colour and imagery. But, there’s another factor contributing to great labels – the copy. While the design may prompt the buyer to pick up your product, it’s the text that convinces them to place it in the trolley. Clever copy is the ultimate selling point. Catchy, persuasive, and intriguing – it’s the way you describe your product that captures the attention. Label Read More »

The benefits of choosing shrink sleeve labels

Labels are the silent ambassadors of your brand, the last line of marketing in the store. The right label can increase your sales by making your product look more appealing. Perfectly paired labels and packaging are eye-catching and persuasive. A versatile, attractive label option is the shrink sleeve. Shrink sleeve labels are flexible and durable, suitable for a wide range of products. What are shrink sleeve labels? A shrink sleeve is a label printed on a flexible film tube that is applied to a container using heat. Heat shrinks the film to fit the contours of the packaging giving a Read More »

Common mistakes to avoid when designing your product labels

Beautiful labels don’t happen overnight. The first step is to come up with a concept for your product labels. A designer will then bring your idea to life. The next step is where we come in – the printing. Printing companies, such as First Impression, can print custom designed labels. Label design can be an intricate business. Artwork needs to be prepared for printing before it’s sent to the printers. Errors in the layout of your artwork will prevent it going to print. We’ve put together some common mistakes to avoid when designing your product labels.   Artwork errors in Read More »