How to master the packaging design process

The key to a perfect packaging design lies in the planning phase. When you begin the process with the right questions in mind and the right steps to tick off, you’re far more likely to nail the brief the first time around. Do you want to create product packaging effectively and efficiently? Follow these simple steps and get the job done more seamlessly than ever before. (Contact us for a print quote.) 6 steps to perfect packaging design: 1. Plan your packaging layers Consider your complete product package. The actual product label, and if you should choose, the outer packaging Read More »

4 ways printed coupons can help you drive sales

Why do we create beautiful product packaging? To drive product sales and help your business succeed. And what should we do if the product isn’t getting off the shelves? Adjust our marketing strategy. And this often involves coming up with promotional materials to boost awareness and create interest in your product. At First Impression Labels, we have found that printed coupons are particularly effective in this regard. The BOGO “Buy One, Get One Free’ or “Stand a Chance to Win” sort of rhetoric is all too familiar. And why? It works! Customers want to feel the exclusivity of scoring a Read More »

Labels that are all the rage: 2020 trends

2020 has arrived, and has brought with it some exciting new trends for the labelling industry. Not only are brands looking to sustainable initiatives for labelling inspiration, but are also keeping the consumer experience in mind when planning their label designs. Keen to include some 2020 trends in your labelling strategy? We hope so, cause we’re about to drop trend knowledge like it’s hot. (And it is!) 2020 trends for the labelling industry: Our top 5 favourites 1. Biodegradable label materials Reduce, reuse, recycle. Yes, biodegradable sustainable materials are hot and happening on the labelling trend scene. And in our Read More »

Building trust with effective food label design

Your food product’s label is the first impression the consumer has of your product. So not only does it need to look good, but it needs to inform the consumer of what the product contains. And you can do this the right way, or the wrong way. The right way will build trust with the consumer, and encourage them to purchase the product again. The wrong way will build suspicion in the consumer, making them doubt the brand and leave the product on the shelf. Want to earn your consumers’ trust? Create a dependable food label using the five elements Read More »

It’s a brand new year: What are your new label resolutions?

It’s a brand new year. A time of refreshment and renewal. And speaking of renewal, what are your new label resolutions for 2020? Perhaps you’d like to convert to more sustainable materials? Or maybe you’d like to amp up your design with a vintage aesthetic? We’ve got plenty of ideas for you to explore and add to your list of goals for 2020. And to top them all off, we can make them come to life for you with our high-quality printing service. New label resolutions: Goals to work towards in 2020 1. Printing sustainable ‘green’ labels Want to help Read More »

Packaging strategies to attract men or women to your product

There is a real art to creating good packaging. Not only does the package need to be visually appealing and attract the consumer to the product, but it needs to be visually appealing to the right audience, and attract the right consumer to the product. This is where packaging strategies come in – a well-designed package will reflect insight into and understanding of its target market. In most cases, the first tier marketers consider when narrowing down the target market is whether their audience is male or female. And believe it or not, this hugely affects the end result when Read More »

Old-school meets new-school: Vintage label design

Vintage label design has a certain appeal – one that many aren’t sure how to describe, or put their finger on, exactly. The truth is, vintage imagery elicits feelings of comfort. A comfort that comes with the familiar, and the nostalgic. In a world full of technological advancements and fast-paced lifestyles, reminders of the past help us calm down and take a beat to remember what’s important. Standing in stark contrast to our modern, minimalist world today, vintage design has the power to transport us to the past, when times were simpler and life was slower. Are you interested in Read More »

5 ways to test your new product label

It’s very important to get your product label right – we’re sure every experienced marketer would agree. Your label design and its quality are key to getting your product off the shelves. Many brands learn this the hard way, having missed the boat the first few times and paying the price for it (literally). So to guarantee a hit with your customers and not a miss, we recommend you test out your new product label. And to make things easier for you, we’ve got our top five label tests all neatly listed here for you to try out. Ready? Set. Read More »

Product packaging design to boost your health brand’s sales

Health is trending! Consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat, and are on the lookout for superfoods, natural ingredients and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. What’s more, is the smoothie culture has taken off – you can now find powdered superfoods in most markets, and everyone seems to own a blender or juicer. This is great news for health brands, as long as they remain relevant in the market. With so many brands to choose from, health-conscious consumers are spoilt for choice! So how do you attract these consumers to your specific health product? Simple. With an original, eye-catching Read More »

Brand packaging that appeals to kids

Whether in the food market, toy shop, or chemist – a child’s attention to product packaging is highly selective. Some things they run up to and shout ‘Mommy, mommy, I want this one!’, and others they run straight past and ignore completely. If your products are intended for children, it’s important to understand what they are looking for so you can reach them at their level. So what makes them tick? We’ll delve into this in some detail, but in a nutshell – kids are not overly complex with what they like visually. Just incorporate a few simple design elements Read More »