5 ways to test your new product label

It’s very important to get your product label right – we’re sure every experienced marketer would agree. Your label design and its quality are key to getting your product off the shelves. Many brands learn this the hard way, having missed the boat the first few times and paying the price for it (literally). So to guarantee a hit with your customers and not a miss, we recommend you test out your new product label. And to make things easier for you, we’ve got our top five label tests all neatly listed here for you to try out. Ready? Set. Read More »

Product packaging design to boost your health brand’s sales

Health is trending! Consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat, and are on the lookout for superfoods, natural ingredients and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. What’s more, is the smoothie culture has taken off – you can now find powdered superfoods in most markets, and everyone seems to own a blender or juicer. This is great news for health brands, as long as they remain relevant in the market. With so many brands to choose from, health-conscious consumers are spoilt for choice! So how do you attract these consumers to your specific health product? Simple. With an original, eye-catching Read More »

Brand packaging that appeals to kids

Whether in the food market, toy shop, or chemist – a child’s attention to product packaging is highly selective. Some things they run up to and shout ‘Mommy, mommy, I want this one!’, and others they run straight past and ignore completely. If your products are intended for children, it’s important to understand what they are looking for so you can reach them at their level. So what makes them tick? We’ll delve into this in some detail, but in a nutshell – kids are not overly complex with what they like visually. Just incorporate a few simple design elements Read More »

3 Trends that will change the packaging industry before 2028

Long term forecasts for the packaging sector suggest the industry will enjoy continued growth of up to 3% per annum. That will bring this industry’s worth to a staggering 1.2 trillion dollars. This is according to the research compiled and interpreted by Smither’s Pira. The packaging industry’s growth trends What substantiates these forecasts? The five-year period between 2013 and 2018 shows us 6.8% growth, predominantly as a result of westernisation spreading to less developed regions which have increased their demand for packaged goods. It is predicted that these emerging economies, along with more demand from consumer markets, will continue to Read More »

Digital printing: The method that saves money

Digital printing is a modernisation of the printing process. The traditional method, known as offset printing, utilizes printing plates and requires long setup processes and while it performs its role effectively. Shapco explains it well: “Offset printing is the older of the two methods and involves a plate on which the material to be printed is engraved, which is transferred with ink onto a rubber blanket, then to the material which it has to be printed on. Digital printing, on the other hand, skips the plate entirely and directly prints onto the material.” For that reason, modernised printing offers numerous Read More »

Sustainable packaging: Go eco-friendly in 2019

New year, new packaging. If you haven’t already considered going green, now is the perfect time to give it some thought. Today, we’re all aware of the negative impact non-recyclable waste has on the environment. Single-use plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose, and the more we throw away, the higher the pile gets. But, you can help lessen the effects by choosing a sustainable packaging option for your product. Not only is this trend beneficial to the environment, but it helps your business too. Do you want to know the advantages of going eco-friendly in 2019? We’ve highlighted Read More »

Packaging ideas to boost your sales in the festive season

While all the malls are playing festive carols and the walkways are decorated with Christmas trees, some of the bigger brands are adding a touch of fun to their branding, too. Many of the smaller businesses hesitate to follow, especially when they consider the costs associated with designing and creating new decorative packaging ideas. So, if it is just another big expense to reckon in, why are the leading brands doing it? Is it purely for the sake of festivities?   No. It is a wise business move! Christmas-time is potentially the most lucrative season. Not only are people purchasing Read More »

Colour psychology and marketing – How to increase sales with colourful labels

Colour surrounds us. It can demand your attention or spark the most powerful and tangible memory thanks to its associative powers. Even in nature, colour serves an important role, it communicates important information to us, we call this link ‘colour psychology’ because it’s an unconscious association between our brains and colours. In our primal states, colour psychology tells us which fruits are best to harvest and alerts us to the presence of danger. It warns us not to touch or eat certain plants or creatures. It’s interesting that the human eye is capable of identifying more shades of green than Read More »

ftaSA Print Excellence Awards 2018

We are excited to announce the awards we won for this years ftaSA Print Excellence Awards 2018: 🥇 Gold for the Absolut. Khuli Chana label (Absolut) 🥇 Gold for Clover Super M Chocolate 1L label (Super M) 🥈 Silver for Go Nutz Gourmet Almond + Whey (Go Nutz) 🥈 Silver for BMS Smoked Vienna’s 🥉 Bronze for Lancewood Mixed Berry Yoghurt Lids (Lancewood Cheese)

Five questions to ask when choosing your label printer

A well designed, eye-catching label is one of your strongest selling points. It’s true. Consumers shop with their eyes. If it looks good on the outside, they are willing to bet the product within is superior to all the rest. You can never go wrong investing in your product packaging. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a professional label printer to bring your design to life. But how do you know which supplier is going to represent your brand as you envisioned? At First Impression Labels, we’re committed to producing the highest quality product and building Read More »