5 ways to test your new product label

It’s very important to get your product label right – we’re sure every experienced marketer would agree. Your label design and its quality are key to getting your product off the shelves. Many brands learn this the hard way, having missed the boat the first few times and paying the price for it (literally). So to guarantee a hit with your customers and not a miss, we recommend you test out your new product label. And to make things easier for you, we’ve got our top five label tests all neatly listed here for you to try out. Ready? Set. Test!

1. Label colours

The colour of your label will communicate with your customer on a subconscious level. Colour elicits a mood and sets up an expectation. If your product label is blue, for example, your customers are likely to experience a sense of calm, and feel that they can trust your product. Orange, on the other hand, revs up energy, and is usually associated with strength and vitality. And green is synonymous with wellbeing, giving customers the impression your product is healthy and natural. (For more information on health brand packaging, click here.) As they say, seeing is believing – and to a large extent, the colour of your label says it all. So make sure the colour promotes your product the right way. You wouldn’t want to make an aromatherapy kit a bright orange, for example.


2. Legibility of the label

Next, test the words on your product label. How does the font look? Is the text too big or small when compared to the logo? Is it cursive, bold, italicised? Consider its legibility before hitting the stores. Your customers should be able to easily read the most important information from a few metres away. 

3. Barcodes

Your barcode is vitally important. It allows you to track inventory and make sure the product is secure. So next on your checklist – make sure the barcode works. it should be clear and prominent for efficient scanning.

4. The durability of the label

Once your product is packaged, it gets transported to a store. This might mean a longship haul or bumpy road trip. Your product label, therefore, needs to be able to withstand shakes and knocks. If your product arrives at its destination with a scrappy-looking label, it degrades the perceived quality of your product. So when doing your checks, best you ensure the adhesive is strong, the sheet stock is durable and the ink is resistant.


5. The five-year-old test

Once your product label has passed all of the tests we’ve discussed, it’s time for the most important test of all (and the hardest one to pass): the five-year-old test. Simply put, this test indicates whether or not your product label looks like what it’s selling. Here’s how to do it: Describe your product to a child and have them look for it in the store. If they find it with ease and bring it back to you, you can rest assured you’re on the right track to selling a winner of a product! And if your product is actually for kids, follow these tips to create packaging that appeals to them, specifically.

Does your product label pass all five tests?

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