4 ways printed coupons can help you drive sales

Why do we create beautiful product packaging? To drive product sales and help your business succeed. And what should we do if the product isn’t getting off the shelves? Adjust our marketing strategy. And this often involves coming up with promotional materials to boost awareness and create interest in your product. At First Impression Labels, we have found that printed coupons are particularly effective in this regard. The BOGO “Buy One, Get One Free’ or “Stand a Chance to Win” sort of rhetoric is all too familiar. And why? It works! Customers want to feel the exclusivity of scoring a deal or getting added value. So, why not give them the specials they’re after, and benefit emptier shelves and increased brand loyalty at the same time? It’s a win-win-win. (Discover our coupon printing service.)

How coupons can benefit your business:

1. They promote impulse purchases

Ever felt tempted to “Buy in Bulk and Save” or “Buy One Get One Free”? Coupon stickers encourage customers to pick up items that they might not need, simply because they are on sale. This is the beauty of impulse decision-making – a flashy coupon with “50% Off” splashed across its surface will grab attention and make customers feel that they need to act, fast, to secure the deal. It’s all about that emotional reaction, the adrenaline rush we experience when we convince ourselves we are winning, big time. It makes us feel good, so we act on it, and yes, buy the products. (Read these label design tips for attracting customers.)

2. They encourage more purchases

Coupon messages like “Buy Two, Get the Third Free” directly encourage customers to purchase more products, increasing the amount of product off the shelves. Coupons also indirectly encourage customers to buy more products in the future. This happens through a phenomenon called ‘brand loyalty’. When a customer buys branded products on special, they are more likely to make repeat purchases of that brand’s products in the future. Why? The answer is simple. People trust what they know. And what they trust they are loyal to.

3. Incentivise new product releases

An abundance of old product on the shelves prevents companies from selling their newer releases as there is no space for it. And this undoubtedly stilts business. The reason for this problem, to a large extent, is that customers have too many options. They’re spoiled for choice. Sometimes the difference between a customer choosing your product or the opposition’s next door can be something as small as the presence of a sticker. Enter coupons. If your customers are ‘rewarded’ when buying your older stock (for example, in a two-for-one deal), you can guarantee it will fly off the shelves. And this will free up space for your new stock, which should be your primary sales focus. (Get a quote for your coupon print job now.) 

4. Increase your customer database

As we’ve already mentioned, brand loyalty is key for boosting sales of your product and furthering your business. But how do you develop this brand loyalty? Through brand engagement. When customers engage with your brand, they will develop a connection with it and trust it more. However, to engage with your audience, you need to be able to contact them directly. Building a database is imperative in this regard, as you can send your customer’s emailers and direct them to your social media platforms. And this is where coupons come in. By embedding your coupons with mail-in rebates, you will be able to collect customer information and expand your database. For example, when your customers mail in to collect their discount, you can request their contact details so that you can alert them of future promotions. More brand loyalty. More sales. And the cycle goes on.

Are printed coupons part of your marketing strategy?

If you’re sold on the benefits of coupons, just know that these are only the tip of the iceberg. Printed coupons offer so many benefits for business, you’ll wonder how your marketing strategy ever did without them. Contact First Impression labels today so we can send you a print quote.