4 Reasons your labels need a refresh

Giving your packaging labels an update that can help breathe life into your brand, and establish you amongst your competitors – there is even the benefit that you will attract new customers.  But change for the sake of it isn’t always a good idea. Before you rush into any redesigns, check out our considerations to help your branding decision.

New product, new looks

Adding new product lines can open your brand up to new audiences! With a new or updated look, your product will be able to put its best face forward on the supermarket shelves. Changing up your packaging labels can also improve the consistency through all your product lines. When offering a variety or a range of products, colour-coded labels may better distinguish each one.

Simply staying fresh

As customers evolve over time, so do their tastes and likes. And what once worked before may not be working now. With ever-increasing competition in the marketplace, sticking to your outdated labels can be a poor business decision. You don’t need to completely change your labels to keep them fresh and relevant.  Simplifying your label design or using a different material can help give your product’s packaging an invigorated look – without the loss of your brand’s essence.

Packaging that Pops

Blending in with a crowd is never a good thing if what you’re aiming for is to sell products. A label revamp can not only help differentiate your brand from competitors, but also makes it easier for customers to focus their limited attention on an individual product offering. Having unique labels and packaging can inspire customers to engage with your brand, by photographing the product and posting it on their personal social media (and that’s free advertising for you!)

Refining Your Message

If you’ve been in business for a while, your brand’s message has probably evolved over time with the development of new or improved products and services, and company processes. It is likely your current packaging doesn’t reflect this new message. Update your labels to allow consumers to understand your brand entirely.

If you are nodding your head in agreement with any of the above examples, then it might just be time to abandon the old labels – and in with the new. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss the new goals you want to achieve with your new labels and guide you to a labeling solution that will work best. We are specialised in high-quality, flexographic printing for shrink-sleeve, wraparound, roll-fed and self-adhesive labels. We will take your company to the next level in labelling solutions to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.